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Interior and Exterior Design

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From a design concept to a complete retail shopping list, we can help you transform an entire space virtually.


This is perfect for people who are willing and able to shop and install their own items but need some help with the initial design.  If you are a DIY'er that just needs some direction, this may be the option for you!


Full Service

There is magic in transforming a home, one space at a time.  We will create a custom design for you and procure all the items to complete you space.

This is perfect for people that don't have the time or the desire to manage the project.  You can sit back and watch as your space is transformed. We will do all the approved purchasing for you and make sure you stay within your budget!

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Designer on Demand

Whether you want a designer for a day or a person on call for your design questions and emergencies, we offer flexible hours that work to your benefit!

This option is perfect for people who love designing their own space but would prefer an expert to weigh in on any hard or expensive decisions.  This is also perfect for  people who need a little help all over the home vs an entire room design.

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