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How do I get started?

Step 1: Discovery Call

After you contact us, we will set up a discovery call.  You can tell me about the project(s) you need help with I will explain to you my process and next steps. 

Step 2:

Review Pricing

After our discovery call, I will email you a complete information sheet about our design time together.  You will know how much my services cost, what type of pricing I think is most beneficial to you,  and how long I expect the project(s) to take. 

(Step 3:


Although  not necessary, some clients like to proceed with a paid consultation before they sign a contract for a larger scope of work. In this meeting  I will provide you with answers and ideas you may need for any space.  Unlike the discovery call, you will leave this meeting with concrete next steps, ideas, and answers which are  tailored to your specific space.

Step 4:

Work Begins!

Once you want to proceed, we choose a start date that works for both of us.  Then, after you sign the contract and submit payment we book our start date! 


From that point on, we work as a team to get your home exactly the way you have always wanted.  Depending on your project and which service you choose, I can provide anything from an initial design to managing your whole renovation which could include pulling permits, finding contractors or tradespeople, working with the city, installation etc.

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